Solar Panels for Your Home

Want to begin the process of “going green” in your home?……something to consider are solar panels for your home. Why not start gathering all the information you need to get started. The process is simple and you can choose to do-it-yourself or hire a contractor to perform the installation.

With President Obama signing the $787 billion economic stimulus bill, homeowners can be compensated with tax incentives by implementing energy efficient home improvements in 2009 and 2010. This is good news. Wouldn’t you agree?

But before you begin a project make sure to accurately estimate your energy use. A convenient resource is “My Solar Estimator” []. This resource will provide cost information and benefits. Your utility bills will assist in locating some of the necessary information. The result will be a rough estimate of the cost of for the system and the return on investment.

Costs vary from state to state and county to county. Look for local tax credits on solar improvements to homes. Depending on your residential location, the type of credit available, and how much effort your willing to exert, this all can help offset the cost of solar home power installation.

The reality of home solar power systems is your utility usage will decrease and it is possible to never have to pay the utility company, but of course this depends on your individual circumstances. Some utility companies have policies where they buy back power that is generated by residential solar power. Anyone would appreciate a savings such as this!! To think that sunlight can be converted to renewable energy is truly amazing and fairly easy to install!

You will need to have a south facing solar panel cell system, where you can receive sunlight and convert it to electricity. You will need to decide whether to purchase the entire system or you may build your own. Building your own is really an affordable option. Extensive information on ,”Do-It-Yourself” solar panels can be found on the internet. Also be sure to checkout the online energy forums and join some interesting and informative discussions.

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