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A new company is emerging; one that allows American homeowners to produce their own clean, green, renewable energy from the sun and keep the savings created by locking in a monthly rental rate. Homeowners can save thousands of dollars powering their home with solar generated electricity.

It is not just the American Dream any longer. It is possible for U.S. homeowners to save money on their energy bills by renting a residential solar energy system. A homeowner can help to lower their carbon emissions by utilizing renewable energy. A solar equipment manufacturer is planning to offer an affordable, hassle free way for U.S. homes to install solar. Saving money by utilizing solar generated electricity is a bonus.

In their pilot installation phase, this company is working to remove the barriers to wide-scale solar adoption in the United States. Its business model is to rent all of the equipment needed to power a residential home with solar electricity.

There is an energy auditing process and required feasibility study to better determine suitable locations. Homeowners hoping to have a solar electric system installed may not qualify in some cases due to environmental or sunlight hour restrictions.

reThinking a Solar Energy Rental Service — The U.S. people do not have to buy a high-dollar solar energy system. It is provided on a leasing or rental basis. The installation is free, with it being part of the rental service, and any permitting or rebate challenges related to the system installation are handled by the company – not the homeowner. The rental company provides the solar equipment, installs the solar electric system, and maintains the unit over time. This solar rental service allows the average citizen to self-produce their own renewable energy.

The homeowner pays a rental fee and produces solar generated electricity from the solar system installed on their home. The homeowner doesn’t have to worry about maintaining the equipment or any of the other concerns that come with making a solar system purchase.

This solar energy rental program removes many obstacles and headaches related to the installation of home solar power systems. The solar solution avoids further carbon emissions, helps reduce dependencies on foreign energy, and creates momentum for renewable energy projects in many part of the U.S.

The Residential Solar Energy System — This service provides enhanced efficiency and better control of your energy usage. The system will monitor the energy production on a daily basis. The homeowner can also track household energy consumption via online reporting. The provided inverter empowers a homeowner to self-produce their own electricity.

Solar Generated Electricity Saves Money — Switching to solar energy can also save on long term electricity costs. The homeowner locks in a monthly rental cost for the use of the solar electric system. They generate renewable energy from the rented system and this electricity offsets the energy that must be purchased from a utility company. This will result in a decrease in an average energy paid over time.

The solar unit rental cost justifies itself over the rental term for the system. The homeowner avoids utility rate increases over time because the solar system rental fee stays lock-in while the cost for electricity continues to go up.

The U.S. homeowner can produce renewable energy, save money on their energy costs, and feel good about lowering their carbon emissions. This solar rental service is truly solar made simple.

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